"Care For You"!

What Being A Caregiver Taught Me, About Holistic Health

I decided to care for self.

Relax & LIVE ~ Relate to LOVE ~ Release & LAUGH. ...at all of life's stresses

is the mission statement for my health and life coaching, beauty consulting, and wellbeing-travel business, named 'Beauty Is Your Wellness'.

"What made you smile this week"? Or, "what’s going well with you today"? These are not normal questions you hear every day. Yet, these questions became part of my coaching sessions, once I became a certified holistic health and life coach. 

Eventually, these two questions and my mission statement changed my life and the lives of others. I merged them together and they matched perfectly with my business.

What does a health and or life coach do? They both are supportive mentors who help individuals feel their best through individualized food and lifestyle changes that meet unique needs and health goals. [Life style changes]. ... Hmmm, let that sit there for a minute, you'll see it again, throughout this blog.

Throughout my 30+ year tenure, I worked in IT/Telecommunications all the way to a Deputy Director. I was a Government contractor for almost 20 years. Our contract took budget cuts, and I was one of the first to be laid off. Just like that, I lost everything; a 6+-figure salary, my home, and my self-esteem, on-top of a deepening depression. Through all of this, I was my Mother's caregiver, for 13 months. Two weeks before losing my job, my Mother transitioned from Atrial-Fibrillation; [heart disease]. If that wasn't a recipe for self-destruction, I don't know what else was and something drastically needed to change my 'life style'.

Before my Mother transitioned, I was already depressed, I didn’t realize just how depressed. Mentally, I descended to a dark place. Bad habits began to creep back into my life, and to stifle many of my dreams. Eventually, I decided to go to a Spiritual Coach. Today, I describe my life; as a hazy maze with a little bit of dance and a little bit of praise.

Dancing was my peaceful place of serenity and has been ever since I was a little girl. I knew I couldn't dance. LOL, I didn’t care. I just loved to dance ;-). I was the epitome of ‘dance like no one is watching’.

While in counseling, I did a Spiritual journey, I did a 'life change'. I learned to value my worth, and I dedicated my life to my Heavenly Father. Me and King Jesus got a thing going on. I give HIM my time every day, and HE strengthens me in faith while I abide in HIS peace.

I chose my divine career, as a Health & Life coach. I coach individuals to develop a healthy heart and healthy life due to my journey as my Mother's caregiver. I coach individuals to successfully lose weight and to successfully keep it off due to my own struggles with weight loss management. I also coach individuals to improve themselves and other relationships in their life by transforming their relationship with self, due to my personal battles of once having low self-esteem .

The Better Versions of Me.....

Throughout my journey, I took a Ministry course at First Baptist Church of Glenarden called DDS [Divine Discipleship for Sisters]. I developed a Godly relationship with myself and others. I went back to school at the age of 52. I became a 2x graduate of 2 elite Health coaching schools, where I learned how you do one thing is how you do everything.

I learned how to love me for me. How can you love someone else, anything else and don't love self? How many times have I  heard that before? That question is extremely common. Yet, the joke is when you don't equate that question to self. The aha moment, is when you do.