"Care For You"!

Care for Me; was losing 22lbs! Which reduces strain on my heart & lowers my blood pressure.

Relax & LIVE ~ Relate to LOVE ~ Release & LAUGH. ...at all of life's stresses

is my mantra, my self-love affirmation. My goal is to nourish someone's mind holistically and not medically.

Allow me to tell you a brief story, perhaps, it'll give you what you need to tell yours. Before my Mother transitioned from atrial-fibrillation (heart disease), I was already depressed. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize just how depressed. From the outside looking in, you don't see what other's see, especially through a Mother's eyes.

Mentally, I descended to a dark place. Bad habits began to creep into my life, and stifle many of my dreams. My Mother would plead for me to seek counseling, "just go and talk to someone", she would say. I just didn't see what her eyes could see, I didn't think anything was wrong and her requests would continuoulsy fall on deaf ears.

My Mother's death nudged me toward the direction of counseling. I decided to go to a Spiritual Coach. Today, I describe my life; a hazy maze with a little bit of dance and a little bit of praise.

My coach helped me to transform old and bad habits with a renewed mindset. I was able to maintain life goals. I hit the reset button and made positive changes toward my life, my character as well as my health. Unapologetically, I became true to myself with soul searching and learning how to put things into perspective. I say unapologetically, because I made a choice. I decided not to allow my past to define my present nor my future, not even my relationships with self and with others. I'm willing to release my past and make peace with my current reality. I learned to control my emotions, which, was only the beginning. Forgiveness of self is key, and everything else will follow. Phillipians 3:13-14

Thanks to my Spiritual coach, aha moments and breakthroughs, I became the better version of me. I became a Certified Holistic Health & Life Coach. Today, I help others find their healing voice. My coaching sessions help others to identify goals and develop an actionable plan to achieve. I provide the tools needed to excel in all areas of life. Eventually, you'll learn to hit the reset button and fall in love with your uniqueness.

Being healthy doesn't have to be hard, it's okay to not be okay, be true to you. Give yourself permission to relax & LIVE, relate to LOVE and release & LAUGH at all of life's stresses, on purpose!.

The Better Versions of Me.....

Are rising like multiple phoenixes. Once you get a feel of that first 'rise', you won't want to stop chasing the clouds, in the sky.

I took a Ministry course at First Baptist Church of Glenarden called DDS [Divine Discipleship for Sisters]. I developed a Godly relationship with myself and others. I went back to school at the age of 52. I became a 2x graduate of 2 elite Health coaching schools, where I learned how you do one thing is how you do everything.

I learned how to love me for me. How can you love someone else, anything else and don't love self? How many times have I  heard that before? That question is extremely common. Yet, the joke is when you don't equate that question to self. The aha moment, is when you do.