"Care For You"!

What Being A Caregiver Taught Me, About Holistic Health


My heart was always set on dancing. Dancing took me to a place where I am the epitome of 'dance like no one is watching'. Whenever I hear music, my feet move as if I'm gliding on ice and I could care less as to whose watching.

In life, there's always going to be issues, road blocks, brick walls, hurdles, trials and tribulations, many, I wasn't prepared for, and I became stuck.

Due to my Spiritual Journey, I became grounded in the Holy Spirit. I accept a 'trial' and a 'tribulation' the same way I accept the fact that I can't dance. I put on my Spiritual armor and I remain true to myself and to GOD. I hold onto HIS truth and I've mastered my emotions the same way I put on my dancing shoes, the same way I do whenever I get on a crowded dance floor; [unbothered, unmoved and unshakeable]. I believe I'm a child of GOD, a woman of Faith, a daughter of Zion and a warrior of CHRIST. When it comes to atrocities, I believe, "I am the storm!"


Sometimes you have to dance alone, to learn how to dance.

As I embark into the 2nd phase of my life, any genre of music continuously play in my thoughts, and I'm always dancing. I may hum a bar or two, put a little bounce to it and bob my head back and fro, [and I don't have to be on the dance floor]. Or, I can close my eyes, be completely still and quiet waiting, for signs and wonders. I finally figured out this thing, called life. I no longer own the stress, the worries and the atrocities that comes with it. 'It is what it is', and I merely K.I.M. [Keep It Moving].

Have you ever heard people say, "learn to get out of your own way"? I've gotten out of my way. I'm stronger, I'm wiser, I'm more powerful. I'm definitely much better than I've ever been before physically, spiritually and mentally.

I  learned how to dance, not on the dance floor; teehee. Nooo, I still have 2 left feet out there [giggling to myself]. But in my heart, and more importantly, in my mind, I've incorporated my non-dancing happy feet into every aspect of my life and victoriously, I've won. And I'm still winning!!



As the layers were peeled away, there was a flicker here, a flicker there. "What's that"? I asked myself. Damn it's a star, it's me, I see my light. WOW!! People said it was there, I never saw myself like that before today - SMH. Rainbows come out after the rain. The stars shine bright after a storm. I made a 'life change',  I changed some habits that once stifled my dreams. I'm optimistically motivated, I'm contstantly encouraged to inspire myself to keep the lights flickering, and to keep the rainbows glistening.  

If you know you need to hit the reset button and need to be healed from whatever, go to my calendar, and let's talk, unapologetically.

That's my testimony, thank you for taking the time to read. I pray it changes someone's outlook on life to believe, anything is possible. Get out of your way. Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. To God Be the Glory, be happy & enjoy this day, on purpose.